The Benefits and Side Effects of Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow embroidery is an emerging fashion trend in Singapore which is quickly spreading to the west. Unlike the eyebrow tattoos, eyebrow embroidery is a procedure which involves the planting of cosmetic pigment into your skin. The result would be the same as wearing eyebrow makeup without having to use an eyebrow pencil every day. The coloured pigment is added to your skin to fill up the empty spots in your eyebrow so as to give them a fuller and enhanced look. The cosmetic pigment which goes into your skin would perfectly match the colour of your brows. Your cosmetic surgeon is going to trace the empty spots on your brows and fill that area with minute hair-like pigment. This procedure is also excellent for adding volume to your existing eyebrows or for highlighting them.

What is the procedure involved in Eyebrow Embroidering Singapore by JezBrows?

To begin with, your eyebrows will be cleaned up by a through the removal of all the stray hairs. Then a local anaesthetic cream would be applied on your brows to numb the pain. After tracing your desired eyebrows a tiny blade would be used to make small incisions on the top skin layer where the colour is going to be applied. Some of the immediate side-effects of this procedure are redness and swelling which are known to subside within 2-3 days at the max. The initial colours are likely to fade out within 2 weeks after which you need to go for a follow-up session. Being semi-permanent in nature, an eyebrow embroidery needs a few touch-ups from time to time for the best results.

Pros and cons of Eyebrow Embroidery


  • It would make your brows look fascinating

The eyebrow forms a crucial part of your facial features which is why a perfectly done eyebrow can greatly enhance your overall look. Eyebrow embroidery would help you achieve a perfect eyebrow which can be shaped in any way you want.

  • No need to use eyebrow makeup

A nicely done eyebrow embroidery would eliminate the need for applying eyebrow pencil to create that perfect look. Now you can get thick voluminous without any touch-ups with a pencil.

  • It works great for people with thinning eyebrows

The eyebrow embroidery is also extremely beneficial for people with thinning brows or scarred eyebrows. In addition to it, people who have lost their eyebrows due to treatments like chemotherapy can always resort to eyebrow embroidery as a measure of enhancing the look of their brows. Patients with alopecia can also go for this cosmetic surgery.


  • When you go for permanent eyebrow embroidery, you must be ready to keep that look for life. Removing your eyebrow embroidery is far more expensive than having them embroidered.
  • The patchwork nature of eyebrow embroidery isn’t much difficult from that of tattoo and thus can fade overtime. Moreover, once your skin starts to age the slack in your skin is also going to have its effect on the implanted brows.
  • Getting your eyebrows embroidered in a professional clinic is an absolute must because some of the cheaper salons are known to use materials which are not congenial to your skin.
  • Eyebrow embroidery is going to open up the pores of the skin around your eyebrow area which is not so suitable for people with acne prone skin or open pore issues. You need an expert to come in to advise on this.

The final verdict:

Just like any other cosmetic surgery, eyebrow embroidery is safe as long as you get it done in the right place and by the right beautician. The average cost of an eyebrow embroidery session should be somewhere between $300 to $500. However, in case you find a salon where they are offering to do the same for much less then you should better be sceptical. Cheap clinics and salons don’t always make use of quality tools and materials. If you are trying to go for the best available treatments so as to minimise any side-effects then always enquire about the reputation of the technician or the clinic. Make sure that the blades or needles are absolutely fresh and not the reused ones.

How to get the best results from an Eyebrow Embroidery?

Many women with light skin tone and brow hair are often known to complain about the extra dark colour of the new brows. In order to get the best looks after this procedure, one must spend considerable time with the technician to select the right colour. However, you need to remember that after the first two weeks this colour is going to lighten substantially. Another common complaint is that the new brows don’t entirely match the shape of the eyebrow muscles and when flexed the newly embroidered eyebrow might appear out of place. This is precisely why you need to make an appointment with a certified and reputed beautician like Jessie from JezBrows.

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