Resurrecting BAD BROWS

Several beauticians and eyebrow specialists are following proper mantra in support of resurrection and rescue of such over-plucked and deformed eyebrows which have lost track of their shape and arch.

About Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow embroidery is a process of resurrection of eyebrows into their original shape and arch. It is a semi-permanent process and involves using a micro blade to knit pigments into the outer layer of the skin. Beauticians take utmost care in offering such service to ensure that such weaving looks like natural hair. The pigmentation typically lasts 10 to 18 months and the process costs $300 to $4000 depending on service type and quality. The quality of new arch and pigments weaved completely depends on the beauticians and salons offering such service.

With more people getting attracted towards grooming, there can be seen a tremendous increase in the number of cases of bad brows in recent years. Several salons and beauticians are getting concerned with such blunders and hence using skilled beauty specialists for their services. Most importantly, this resurrection process aims at returning the natural arch of their customers. A correct arch makes the look and shape of brows natural failing which it may lead to an unnatural expression on customer’s face because of improper orientation of their brows. There can be found several outlets of salon offering such services of eyebrow embroidery but ensuring fine work and ensuring proper customer satisfaction surely takes skilled beauticians for such complicated work.

Finding Best Brow Specialist

Before implementation, finding a brow specialist with expertise skills is most important for the finest result. Some basic tips should be followed while looking out and selecting proper beauty salon for embroidery services.

Customers must be well aware of the specializations and qualifications of beautician before the consultation. Improper consultation may lead to more blunders and affects the look. There are very few beauticians with proper expertise in eyebrow embroidery and perform the treatment correctly. For selecting proper beautician, an individual may consider Registry of Complimentary Therapists, set up by the Spa and Wellness Association of Singapore for getting their required authentic information about beauticians. Customers must do their research on salon and their services. They can ask for recommendations and look up Internet reviews and testimonials. Having proper information can give them adequate knowledge about the terms of service, professional beauty experts and types of equipment used by the salon. They must inform the salon about their existing health conditions, such as skin allergies, illness or pregnancy before their embroidery treatment so as not to get any negative health hazards as a side effect of treatment. In worst cases, they should consult a doctor for having a second and secured opinion before their eyebrow embroidery process.

About Jez Brows

Jez Brows is one of the finest groups of beauty experts who are known for their excellent customer services. They consist of a certified group of beauticians who take pride in their services and cater in best possible ways. Jez Brows faces a number of such cases of eyebrow blunders and is currently experiencing a tremendous rise in such cases. They also face cases where eyebrows appear to be a line or crooked sometimes. Apart from its signature 6D eyebrow embroidery, Jez Brows also provides services of manicure and pedicure, eyelash and eyeliner, lips embroidery and facial services. Jez Brows is famous for its cult beautician, Jessie Nam who has 10 years of practice and perfection in her skills of eyebrow embroidery. Certified by Phi Academy, Jessie aims at providing eyebrow embroidery Singapore services for everyone at an affordable price. Jessie considers quality as an important matter of concern and uses best-handpicked materials for her beauty services to her customers.

Jez Brows uses its signature 6D eyebrow embroidery and microblading technique to enhance the beauty of eyebrows. The best microblading Singapore technique has been proved to be a highly effective beautification technique for eyebrow embroidery services. The 6D embroidery technique has gained much fame because of the expertise workforce behind its implementation. Both these techniques help in eyebrow reconstruction, gap covering in eyebrows and also fill the gap generated due to over-plucked brows. These methods are 100% natural, painless and maintain a long-lasting effect.


Eyebrows play a crucial role in framing the face. Signifying various expressions, a well-shaped eyebrow symbolises as a great sign of beauty. Resurrecting eyebrows with proper eyebrow embroidery should be carried out with utmost precision with consultation and implementation from a specialised beautician. It should be us who should take proper steps towards such process for maintaining the natural charm and confidence on our face.

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