How to Choose the Best Brow Salon for You

Let’s face it – Choosing what to wear is sometimes harder than choosing a life partner, and the same is true when it comes to choosing beauty salons! As ladies who love beauty ourselves, we want to help you make the best decision to look your best. Here are some factors to consider before dedicating your time and money to your next beauty salon:

1. Price

One of the biggest worries when it comes to beauty services is the price: If it’s too expensive, we feel the pain for our wallets, and if it’s too cheap, we doubt the quality of service and worry about pushy sales tactics.

At Jez Brows, our services are priced reasonably to cover the cost of quality tools and materials involved in the beauty procedures, and we don’t push you into spending on something you’re not really sure about. During your consultation, we inform you about what’s involved in each procedure and what to take note of, before you commit to any beauty service.


2. Hygiene

When it comes to beauty services, especially those involving our face, hygiene is a top factor to consider before choosing a beauty salon. Some obvious signs show whether the salon keeps hygiene in mind: Is the salon’s space clean and comfortable? Does the beautician use gloves during the procedure?

Also watch out for the kind of tools used by the beautician – do they only change the blade tip between customers, or do they use a brand new, sterile tool for every customer? Some places replace only the blade tip for each customer and reuse the same brow tool over and over again, but in the microblading process, blood and bacteria may contaminate the rest of the tool. These contaminants may be transferred to your skin during your beauty procedure, which may cause infections or the spread of diseases.

For our customers’ safety, we only use fresh single-use tools for every eyebrow microblading procedure here at Jez Brows. No fuss or worry, just relax and get your brows done safely.


3. Materials

Cheap beauty salons are less likely to adhere to stringent hygiene standards, and don’t always use high quality tools and materials. Using cheaper dyes and chemicals can cause skin irritations and allergies in some people, and may also change colour to undesired shades. To minimise any side effects or worries about health concerns, we use high quality organic dyes and pigments, and official PhiBrows tools imported straight from Germany.

Almost all of our customers do not experience discomfort or irritation from the materials we use, and their microbladed brows look natural right after the procedure without redness. For those with more sensitive skin, we will do a patch test first using the pigments to see if your skin will have any allergic reaction. Let us know your concerns and we will offer our recommendations and take measures to ensure the best brow-enhancing experience for you. We believe in the best for our customers and we are proud to be the preferred beauty salon for hundreds of happy customers!


4. Professional Service

Having the right tools and materials is not enough if the beautician does not possess the skills to use them effectively. At Jez Brows, we have many years of practical experience and many pleased customers who come back again for different services (and bring their friends along too)! Jez Brows is most known for the natural-looking 6D Brow Embroidery service, which lasts for 2-3 years and has no down time. Enjoy great brows right after your first session and come back for a touch up for long-lasting, beautiful brows!

No matter which service you choose, we prioritise your satisfaction: Before beginning any beauty service, we communicate with each customer to understand your expectations and advise you on the best look you can achieve. Each brow microblading procedure is a personalised experience and the look you get will be based on what suits your facial structure best, according to precise measurements (calculated based on the golden intersection, Phi 1.618). For the greatest peace of mind, we only use high quality tools for your beauty services.

Choosing your favourite brow salon ultimately depends on what you are looking for. For us, we recommend keeping the above pointers in mind, and choose someone you’re comfortable trusting your face with, without having to pay exorbitant prices! For more information on the services we offer, check out our Services page, or contact us at 9139 0438.

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