4 Differences Between Eyebrow Microblading and Eyebrow Tattoos

Eyebrow Microblading vs Tattoo

Ever noticed some older ladies with faded eyebrow tattoos that are strikingly obvious and unnatural? In recent years, a newer technique has evolved – Microblading – which promises that stiff and unnatural looking brows are a thing of the past!

What are the differences between Eyebrow Microblading and Eyebrow Tattooing then? Here’s a list of what makes Microblading the preferred brow procedure today:

  1. Microblading creates brows that are defined yet natural

Traditional eyebrow tattoos are done using a machine/tattoo gun, which penetrates deeper into the skin and creates thicker, rigid lines. Brow tattoos are designed to look like brow makeup instead of your natural eyebrows, so they may look out of place when you have no makeup on. There is also less flexibility in terms of how your brows turn out, and that is why many people with eyebrow tattoos end up with thick brows that appear to be coloured in with a pen or marker.

In contrast, Microblading is done entirely by hand: Microblading professionals use a small tool with micro-needles to create fine lines that resemble your natural brow hair. Each stroke is precisely hand-drawn and ink is pressed into the top layers of skin, so that the lines stay sharp and the ink does not bleed or feather out, unlike tattooed brows. This microblading process creates clear and defined brow strokes which are hard to tell apart from real brow hair.

The result? Completely natural-looking envy-worthy eyebrows that make you look like you’ve been blessed with great brow genes.

  1. Microbladed brows do not change colour like traditional eyebrow tattoos

Eyebrow microblading and tattooing use different kinds of dye pigments. In normal eyebrow tattoos, the colour pigments are less stable, thus they tend to fade and change colour over a few years and become blue, red or even green.

On the other hand, the dyes used in microblading fade naturally without any colour change, so you will not be left with coloured marks even if you choose not to touch up your brows after 2-3 years. At Jez Brows, we specially use organic pigments for our brow microblading procedure as well, so you do not have to worry about harsh chemical dyes on your skin, and can enjoy beautiful brows in a safe way!

  1. Microblading is virtually painless

Many people fear traditional tattooing because of the pain it can cause on skin, especially on sensitive areas or areas with thinner skin. Although the name “microblading” may sound scary to some due to the “blade”, many who have tried microblading actually feel little to no pain during the procedure! In the microblading process, a topical numbing cream is first applied before the fine blade is used to etch thin hair lines into the skin surface. Of course, there are individual differences and some people may have lower pain tolerance than others, but in general, most microblading clients do not experience any pain and describe the process feeling like light scratches instead.

  1. Microbladed brows are semi-permanent and can be reshaped

It’s easy to imagine that permanent eyebrow tattoos are hard to modify – if something goes wrong, you could be stuck with eyebrows of your nightmares for a lifetime.

Microblading offers a more reassuring way to get great brows, as the results are semi-permanent and usually last about 2-3 years. As the micro-needles reach only into the superficial layers of the skin, the ink is not deposited too deeply and will gradually fade by itself over time.

This means that you’ll have the freedom to change your eyebrows’ shape or design according to beauty trends or your preferences without worry. Even if you do not like your microbladed brows (we promise that you’ll love them at Jez Brows!), the semi-permanent nature of microblading also allows the microblading artists to help you alter or touch up your brows with ease.

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